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AMV Shipping contest

There needs to be more Zutara.

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I'm so new here I feel green.

That having been said, I have something to show you all.

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Look an icon for ch 8.

You can steal it as long as you remember it's chic_bonaerense 's original manip. 

I don't know if it's representing a particular moment...perhaps the ending scene? 

Or maybe just this part?:

Katara looked at her feet, and he continued. "The fire nation has a similar story, but without the caves."


"Yeah." He looked back at her, smiling. "Really." He looked back at the carved lovers in front of them. 



auroranq drew me a LOVELY LOVELY piece for Purity Chapter Six: Music Night.

I am in complete shock.

It's the tango/dance/spar scene.

And it's fantubulous.

And look, I'm allowed to make it my ICON! You can't have one, but it's AMAZING. HAHAHA.

(Well okay. Only if you credit aurorang. Otherwise I'll have to hunt you down!)

Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore, hold me close, sway me more...Collapse )

Purity [ONESHOT] -Rise With the Sun-

Title: Rise with the Sun 
Rating: T+
Summary: A oneshot based off of Zuko's POV in chapter 4 of my story 'Purity' Katara gives Zuko a wake-up call he's not going to forget anytime soon...and he has to wonder if it's okay to think of your best friend like that.

(Katara's POV) Original here

  Cut text is from Alive with the Glory of Love- Say Anything

Chapter Six of Purity-EXTRA

So I've written the continuation to the 'Long way to Ba Sing Se' song, and part of it briefly appeared in Ch. Six of Purity. Of course it's a sailing ditty, so it's rated 15+. I suppose I should make the quick note now that Ba Sing Se means the inpenatrable city, so Na Sing Se means 'penetrable city'


To get a feel for the tune, this is what Iroh sings: http://audio.avatarspiritmedia.net/It's%20a%20Long%20Way%20to%20Ba-Sing-Se.mp3 [i.e. the clean version.]

Here's the rest of the song: